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email address
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PLEASE remember to include this  when you submit 
this form and are communicating with us. Also be sure 
your email address spelling is correct.
You must complete all areas of this form. 
PLEASE NOTE: before we will make any commitments
to you to become a model for us,  we require a recent 
nude photo. If we feel you are what we are
looking for we will arrange an interview with you at 
which time we will look at your body without clothing.

We are always looking for a few more good men. 
You don't have to look like a Greek god, although 
we will never complain when you do,  just a well 
proportioned and fit regular attractive guy.

We are looking for males over the age of 18,  
a defined body  with definition in the abs,
arms, and legs,  or a swimmers build,  
or muscular gym build and have low body fat.

We will photograph and / or video tape one or more 
sessions while we are working on you. The photo 
shoot will be in our Massage Studio.  The sessions 
could include other spa services that we offer our 
clients as well as the different massage services 
we offer our clients. We may also just shoot free form poses.

These photos are for the web on our site and/or our e magazine.
This will be a very enjoyable and rewarding  job for the right guys!
Face shots may be included in the photos, so if this is a problem,
we can discuss. We would prefer to have "no limits".

Your compensation will depend on the amount of time you 
are willing to offer to the photo session or sessions, 
and your body. 



ethnic heritage                       

    date of birth

        body type       

    body weight (pounds)

        body hair

             height (feet & inches)

        hair color     

      hair length

       facial hair

        eye color

      decoration (body) 

                          what  times of the day & day (days) of week 
                        work best for your photo session?

                                 in what city are you living ???
                        are you visiting Houston soon??
                        all of the photo shoots will be in our Studio.

                        how would you describe your  body,
                        and why do you think you would like working with us as a model.  
                        have you had any previous modeling experiences (not required).
                        if you do not reside in Houston, when will you be traveling to 
                        please write as much as you would like.

                          our email  
we will respond to you and you may then send a photo.



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