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                 A 4 handed Tandem Massage
                in our Heights Studio

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4 Hands are Better than 2
Massage can be wonderful with 2 hands.
imagine two Therapists with 4 hands working 
on you at the same time. That is even better!
These session  are  very  stimulating
and can be quite intense.    We offer 45,
60, and 75 minute sessions. They are only available
our Heights Studio.  Advance notice  for your
Tandem Session appointment is highly advisable to 
guarantee the time of day you desire.    

Call 713 802 0439 for your appointment   

      4   Hands are Better than   2      

Availability DATES for TANDEM / 4 HANDS                                        




The most frequent question asked is what is a 4 hand or
Tandem Massage.   Basically it is a Swedish Massage
performed by 2  Massage Therapists working  together
doubling the amount of muscle  being  massaged.   Jeff
and  Estevan have developed a Tandem or 4 handed
Massage  technique that is very invigorating.  
Much of the Massage is in synchronized movement,  
however not all of the Session is in sync. . . . .  



It's by far the most popular, our four-handed tandem massage . . . 
a sensory experience like none you have ever experienced before, 
but not for the timid at heart!  It's bold, invigorating, and can be quite sensual.

No words can describe the sensation you will feel by experiencing our skilled, 
and gifted hands caressing your body in unison . . . . . . . 
it starts with hot professional massage oil being glided over your undraped skin.  
Soft music sets the tone for your senses. Your body will seem weightless lying 
on our heated, extra padded soft table.  As your breathing changes, you might let out 
a sigh or soft moan, indicating how good it feels.  A series of long strokes will relieve 
tension from the muscles coupled with sensory light feather strokes to tantalize every 
nerve ending in your being . . . a pampering like no other by two masculine men, all the 
while you are drifting into a deep state of relaxation -- a break from the stresses of life.  
Some have describe it as an "out of body experience" like nothing they have ever felt.

Our 45-minute session is like getting an hour and a half massage, being refreshed in record 
time and freeing up your day to get your other tasks accomplished. Don't you deserve one today?
Make an appointment by calling us at 713 802 0439 or online on the appointment page.

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  The way to know what it is all about    is to experience a Tandem Massage for yourself ! !


                                                                           The feet,  the back,  and the head,  face,  and scalp are areas that are not Massaged
                                                          in Tandem. These areas are each done separately by one Therapist,  while another area 
                                                          is massaged by the other Therapist at the same time.   For example your feet would be 
                                                          massaged at the same time that your back is being massaged.  Your arms, legs, gluts, 
                                                          and hands are massaged by both Therapists, one Therapist on each leg,  glut, arm, and 
                                                          hand at the same time.     It is very difficult to explain the experience and sensation of a 
                                                          Tandem or 4 hand Massage

  We offer three different Sessions ,  45 minutes,  60 minutes,   and 75 minutes.
                               A 45 minute Session is the equivalent of a one and a half Hour
                               Massage Session by a single Therapist.
                               An Hour Massage Session is equivalent to 2 Hours of Massage,   
                               and a 75 minute Tandem Sessi
on is equivalent to two and a half Hours of Massage 
                               by a single Massage Therapis
                                    We are the most experience at Tandem Massage  and  Probably the best in Houston !    



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                      benefits  appointments  location   rates   studio  services  f.a.q.  sessions  pricing  purchase   email us  body clips 
 swedish  tandem/4hands  shiatsu   deep tissue  sports  PNFstretching  spa treatments  couples massage
 guestbook  comments revealed  your first massage   human anatomy and physiology  our store 
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We are two male Massage Therapist in the Heights of  Houston Texas.  We provide Swedish Massage, Tandem massage  / 4 handed Massage, Shiatsu, Sports Massage  / PNF Stretches  for men.  We are both Male Register Massage Therapist offering our services  in Houston Texas. Our comfortable and inviting Studio in located in the Heights of  Houston Texas.  We are located close to downtown, Montrose, the Medical Center, and the Galleria areas.  Houston Texas massage for men. Tandem massage for men. Male massage therapist. Massage for men by 2 men. Massage for men by 2 males.  Houston Texas male massage. Houston massage. Couples massage training sessions. Massage workshop.   Learn Swedish massage technique with our massage workshops.