Getting the most from a Professional Massage       


It may seem strange that anyone would need instructions for receiving a massage but massage is not yet so common a part of our culture that everyone knows how easy it is to be massaged. It is not that difficult to get a great massage from a good Massage Therapist. So if massage is a new experience for you, the following are some basic points to bear in mind for your first massage - with a professional masseur.



Leave your attitude a home:                         
Your massage will be much better if the Massage Therapist is 
comfortable with you, the Client. Yes, how you present yourself to  
your Therapist and how you behave can make a big difference in 
the quality of your massage. Your are much more likely to get
an excellent massage if You and the Therapist have good chemistry.
So leave the attitude at home!

Come for your massage with a clean body:           
Odor, or the lack of it, can effect the quality of your massage.
No one wants to endure unpleasant smells for an hour or more.
So just be clean and odor free before you come to get a massage.

You need to be naked:                         

Clothing gets in the way of the sensation of hands on your skin. 
Even leaving your underwear on is pointless since it will only get oily. 
If you're concerned about being naked,  we will drape a towel over 
your genital area. We will drape your glutes, if needed, with a small 
towel, however we will remove the towel when it is time to work the
glute area.  If you do have concerns about being naked we do not 
suggest getting the Tandem Massage.  If you are concerned about 
getting cold, we do provide heat under you and 1500 watts above you. 
Perhaps you are concerned that you may become aroused during the 
massage.  If it happens, it happens, and it doesn't matter to us.  
So just relax and let it all hang out. 
Trust me, there is not much that we have not already seen.

Just Relax :                                     

The only thing you need to "do " is to relax as completely as possible. 
Be a rag doll.       Don't try to be helpful.       Simply receive.    
Breathe deeply and regularly, allow your body and all its parts to sink 
into our table. As the masseur's hands locate areas of tension and 
stress, consciously try to let go and release these tense areas. 



There's no need to talk:                    

Talking for the most part is distracting. Giving a good massage takes 
concentration by your Therapist and talking to him can get in the way.  
However,  if any manipulation is uncomfortable or if you would like 
something done longer or differently don't be afraid to say so. A 
massage session is not the place to have a conversation. If you would
like to talk we will be happy to do that before or after you session,
provided we have the time.   

Don't tense up your muscles :                                     
Some people become very tense when they have not previously 
been massaged. This make it difficult for the Therapist to do a good
massage if the person is constantly tensing the muscle tissue. To get
the most from your massage, try and become a limp noodle.

Feel what you feel:                         

You don't have to express any negative feelings as you are being 
massaged. But you can, at the very least, sigh with pleasure when 
you are feeling good or the massage is hitting the spot.

Close your eyes:                           

See with your sense of touch. Feel the masseurs hands as they 
traverse your body. Visualize the stress leaving your body. 

       Breath deeply,  relax,  and enjoy your massage.                                                   

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