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                                              Men tend to keep a health problem to themselves until it becomes
                                              a medical crisis. They grow up knowing very little solid information  
                                              about their bodies except in the context of sexual function or 
                                              performance. This area of our web site is an attempt to inform men 
                                              of  basic bodily  necessities to maintain a healthy body and life.

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what men need to know about your body to renew health and energy               

      A man must be strong physically during workouts and sports, supportive emotionally 
in relationships, balanced under stress, mentally creative and quick, and sexually keen 
and virile.  Diet and exercise are the main pillars supporting a man's health and energy.  
Both are woefully deficient in the modern American man's life.  Poor farming methods 
that use pesticides and other chemicals,  processed foods,  and bad eating habits have 
made us one of the planet's most nutritionally deficient nations.

regular exercise is a nutrient in itself for the male system                                    

    Lack of exercise for a man is as great a health risk as high blood pressure, high 
cholesterol, or even smoking.  Heart muscle and tone can be lost if weekly exercise 
is not included as a regular part of life.  To maintain a healthy level of fitness, a man 
should exercise at least three times a week for 20 to 30 minutes each time.  
His chosen exercise should raise his heart rate at least 65 to 70% of its capacity - 
to the point of breathlessness for 5 minutes each time.  A fit, exercised body requires 
vigorous concentrations of metabolic precursors, such as vitamin, minerals and enzymes 
for strength and efficiency.  Enhanced nutrition can improve strength, endurance and 
muscle tissue, and help to maintain low body fat.

diet for male metabolism                                                                                           

     An optimum diet for male metabolism requires adequate quantity of food , but not high fats.  
A man needs more fiber, protein and complex carbohydrates than a woman.   His diet should 
include animal proteins in moderation, like occasional eggs, chicken, turkey, low-fat dairy products, 
and sea foods.  A diet high in amino acid rich foods provides easily convertible proteins.  Zinc-rich 
foods encourage prostate and reproductive system health.  Men also seem to thrive on more raw 
foods for the stability of denser, more solid nutrients.  Those in whole grains, beans, rice, and soy 
products offer prolonged endurance and increased sensitivity.

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