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  Good  Water is essential to your body

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How much is enough?                                                                                                              

Your body needs about  three  quarts  of replacement water  every  day  under normal conditions.

Water is critical to your detoxification.

Water is essential  to the cleansing processes of your body.

What if you just drink when you're thirsty?

That's a problem because thirst is not a reliable signal 
that your body need water.  Thirst is an evolutionary 
development that indicates severe dehydration. You 
can easily lose a quart or more of water during activity 
before thirst is even recognized. Your thirst signal also 
shuts off before your have had enough for well-being.

Thinking that tea, coffee, milk or sodas are desirable 
substitutes is also a common mistake. These beverages 
contain water, but also dehydrating agents, that not only 
get rid of water they; bring with them but also take away 
form body water reserves.  
Alcohol and caffeine-containing drinks are counter-
productive because of their diuretic activities.  Drinks 
loaded with dissolved sugars or milk increase water 
needs instead of satisfying them. Commercial sodas 
leach several minerals form the body.

Plain or carbonated cool water is the best way to replace 
lost body fluid.  Unsweetened fruit or vegetable juices 
and herb teas count as replenishment.

Can you drink too much Water?

Even though most of us don't get enough water today, 
drinking too much water can have some adverse effects.  
It can severely depress electrolytes, imperative to vibrant 
energy, pH balance and mineral uptake.  Drinking too 
much purified water like distilled water or reverse osmosis 
treated water compounds the problem.

The Health Wonders of Water

Drinking enough water every day plays a major role in promoting good health, from reducing the risk of cancer to improving short-term memory and weight loss, according to a new report by one of the nation's leading nutritionists.
In a two year project, Dr. Susan Kleiner, nutritionist and assistant professor at the University of Washington, pulled together findings from more that 150 studies worldwide to present the most complete picture to date of the impact of hydration on health.  Among many findings, Dr. Kleiner's report brings to light a growing body of evidence which suggests that water may indeed play a significant role in the prevention of certain cancers. A number of other studies showed that patients with cancers of the urinary tract - bladder, prostrate, kidney and testicle - drank significantly smaller quantities of fluid than healthy patients.
Many factors can contribute to the risk of developing kidney stones including age, sex, heredity, occupation and diet. But only one, diet, especially fluid intake, can be changed easily and have a marked effect on all factors, she explains.




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