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Consider Stress Management as a key to your detoxification program                                 

Stress is a fact of everybody's life today.

We know that it affects every cell and tissue in our bodies, it robs us of important vitamins, minerals and 
antioxidants, breaks down our major organs and lowers our immune response.

Over time, unrelieved stress causes severe acid build-up that hinders our digestion of nutrients and stops 
up our elimination tracts.   It interferes with our body's cleansing processes,   and actually contributes to 
toxic buildup.   Reducing stress is critical to your health.    You can eat a perfect diet, cleanse your body 
inside and out,   and exercise regularly,   but if you're in a constant state of mental stress, your physical 
problems won't go away.

Your thoughts and feelings can make your body toxic                                                                  


Positive thoughts and emotions contribute to vitality.  Negative thoughts and emotions are powerful 
self-poisoners that contribute to ill health.   A negative mental and emotional infrastructure for your 
lifestyle can be even more damaging,  because it is subconscious and it festers.   Negative thoughts 
and feeling are corrosive.

 Swedish Massage                                                                                                                             

Swedish Massage or classic European Massage is a very effective way to reduce stress levels in your 
body. It uses kneading, stroking, friction, tapping, and sometimes body shaking to relax tense muscle 
tissue.   These techniques also help cleanse muscle acids,  joints,  nerves,  and the endocrine system, 
by stimulating the body's circulation and lymphatic (the body's natural antibiotic or sewerage) system.

Good Water is essential to your body                                                                   



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