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Sports Massage
The use of the word massage is perhaps misleading. 
As although you will feel relaxed and invigorated after 
a Sports Massage, it can be really quite uncomfortable 
at the time. 

The definition of Sports Massage

 "Sports massage is a form of bodywork geared toward 
participants in athletics.  It is used to help prevent 
injuries,  to prepare the body for athletic activity and 
maintain it in optimal condition,  and to help athletes 
recover from workouts and injuries. 

"The scientific manipulation and assessment of soft 
tissue for the  prevention of injuries and therapeutic 
, involving the  restoration to normal functional 
activity of the various structures of the body, 
maintaining good physical condition and health, through 
mobilizing and improving muscle tone,  promoting
relaxation,  stimulating circulation,  and producing 
therapeutic effects on all systems of the body.

Sports massage has three basic forms: 

1. pre-event massage, 
      2. post-event massage, 
      3. maintenance massage.

Sports massage can also give valuable information 
about the athlete's condition and the effects of their 
training program.  Regular sports massage can help 
to avoid problems associated with overuse,  so allowing 
for extra training sessions without the risk of injury or 

Sports massage is not necessarily an hour,  but 
is specific to a particular muscle group or for the 
speedier rehabilitation of a muscle injury. 

A person does not need to be a top flight athlete 
to gain from sports massage. Anyone who exercises 
or seeks to improve their general physical fitness may 
benefit from treatment - in particular those who do so 
less regularly.



Sports Massage has five main benefits             


Main effects to be drawn from sports massage. 


Sports Massage                          

A full body massage will take 45 -  60 minutes. 
Treatments will usually conclude with passive 
and active sports stretch exercises, plus advice 
on self-help exercise routines.

                                             Sports Massage Strokes                                                              
  Definition Use
Compression -simple pumping action directed deep into the core of the belly of the muscle
-applied with quick rhythmic action using palm, loose fist, fingertips, or ulnar side of hand
-spreads tissue
-creates hyperemia
-softens tight muscles
Friction -circular friction used most often applied with full palm or fingers
-used after compression
-move superficial structure over a deeper structure
-cross-fiber and linear
-decrease muscle spasm
-Caution: cross- fiber friction may cause damage to healthy tissue if done too much
Jostling/Vibration -Jostling -rhythmic picking up of the tissue, filling the hand and tossing the tissue back and forth
-Vibration - trembling in arms or hands that is transferred to the client
-briskly done to stimulate and warm up tissue for pre-event
-gently done to relax tension
Tapotement -rhythmic striking
-beating, hacking, cupping
-pre-event to warm up
-reflexively tones muscles during training
Swedish Gymnastics -contract-relax
-reciprocal inhibition
-increase flexibility
-use post-event and during training
-stretching a cold muscle may cause damage
Drainage -effleurage
-increase drainage of waste products
-use post-event and training


Conditions that generally respond well to massage as a complementary therapy include:    
Massage can help these conditions, but it should never be used to replace skilled medical care.                          


Massage may be an appropriate technique for helping certain sports injuries, especially muscle injuries, to heal. When treating an injury, however, it is best to seek advice from a qualified sports therapist or a specialist in sports medicine before performing any massage. Certain ligament and joint injuries that need immobilization and expert attention may be aggravated by massage.

People who suffer from the following conditions or disorders should consult a physician before participating in a sports massage: acute infectious disease; aneurysm; heavy bruising; cancer; hernia; high blood pressure; inflammation due to tissue damage; osteoporosis; phlebitis; varicose veins; and certain skin conditions. Individuals who are intoxicated are not good candidates for sports massage.


Each type of sports massage uses different massage techniques.

Pre-event massage is given shortly before an athlete competes. 
It consists mainly of brisk effleurage to stimulate and warm the 
muscles and petrissage to help muscles move fluidly and to reduce 
muscle tension. Effleurage is generally a relaxing stroke,   but  
when done briskly it is stimulating. As the massage progresses, 
the pressure increases as the massage therapist uses percussive 
strokes and cupping to stimulate the muscles to contract and flex. 
The part of the body being massaged varies from sport to sport, 
although leg and back muscles are common targets for this type 
of massage.

Post-event massage is usually given 1-2 hours after the 
competition is over in order to give dilated blood vessels 
a chance to return to heir normal condition. Post-event 
massage is light and gentle in order not to damage already 
stressed muscles. The goal is to speed up removal of toxic 
waste products and reduce swelling. Very light effleurage 
will decrease swelling while light petrissage will help clear 
away toxins and relieve tense, stiff muscles.   Post-event 
massage can be self-administered on some parts of the 
body such as the legs.

Maintenance massage is performed at least once a week 
while the athlete is in training. It is frequently administered 
to the back and legs. Deep effleurage and petrissage are used 
to relax and tone knotted muscles.





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