The union between Life Partners,                                
                                                    a union of two to make one,
                                                                       is indeed a very complex blend. 

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Have you been searching for a workshop for Couples Massage that will 
nourish the heart, mind, soul and body of you and your significant other?
We invite you to come and
explore New Ways To Give Nurturing 
Intentional Touch To Your Partner.

You will learn to give each other a full-body massage in this hands-on 
workshop. We keep lecture to a minimum and emphasize the massage 
techniques and communication skills by using the sense of touch, that 
need to explore this new way of relating to each other. 

We limit each workshop  to only one couple at a time,  so each couple 
gets plenty of hands on experience and personal attention.
This workshop is designed for both same-sex or opposite-sex couples, 
life partners, and significant others, but pairs of  intimate friends are also 
welcome to attend a workshop.




You will  Learn flowing strokes and  gentle stretches
          that guide both of you into a holistic
                         experience of body, mind, and soul.






This workshop is about connecting with the love within, thus being able to share 
love with our significant other. This journey is accomplished through unfolding the 
multiple aspects of GIVING AND RECEIVING  of oneself  through Massage. 
The focus of the workshop is not placed upon sex, but rather the journey 
to discover intimacy and the connection we have with our Partner. It is only 
through understanding and embracing the love within, than we can open the 
doorway to intimacy between our Partner and Ourselves. And this is the 
workshop that will help couples learn and enjoy oneness with each other.

Come and experience the Self Within and the Self Within your partner in a safe 
and nurturing environment.  Learn therapeutic techniques to relieve your loved 
ones stress, guidelines for giving and receiving, and deepening your connection,  
communication, and intimacy through touch.

For couples or life partners who are interested in learning how to massage 
one another, the tutoring is done in our private Studio classroom. 
The training session is done on a heated, padded, professional massage table. 
The workshop alternates between each partner as a few basic techniques are 
demonstrated then practiced on one another. We teach you and your partner 
massage techniques. Demonstration Performance is with two real professional 
massage therapists. It is private. Just you, your partner, and the therapists are 
in the training session. This is a private class and there will not be other couples 
there at the same time. You get to practice on your partner, mate, or significant
other with our supervision and guidance. We have literally thousands of hours 
of hands-on massage experience accumulated over the 5 years of our massage 
practice and each have had over 350 hours of massage instruction and training.

 Couples will learn  
          how to give and to receive, 
                              a relaxing, sensual body massage. 


We limit each class size to only one couple at a time,  so each couple gets 
plenty of hands on and personal attention from us,  your massage therapists.
Each  workshop will last approximately 2 1/2  hours for just  $150.00 per 
     You can call us at 713 802 0439 to reserve and schedule your 
massage class.   Payment can be made by credit card on this website, but 
must be made in advance to reserve your workshop. 
We ask our students to wear loose-fitting, comfortable clothing for the class. 
We have good privacy-and modesty-protecting practices, if desired, for the 
section of the class which requires disrobing. We provide all materials needed.


                         Most couples remain separate, 
                                       yet wanting to experience  that 
                                                        oneness that only you can create.

    Are you ready to learn ?      

What you will get from this workshop:                   
     Basic Swedish  (relaxation) Massage techniques
     You will learn to give Massage and receive Massage
     Hands on practice of  Swedish Massage Techniques
     Skills to nurture your intimacy with your life Partner

Workshop schedule availability:                             

    Monday - Thursday      evenings      7:00pm - 9:30pm 
    Saturdays                  mornings   10:00am - 12:30am 
    Special time consideration can be arranged.     email 
    Feel free to ask questions concerning this workshop.

About the workshop instructors:                              
    Two Male RTMs -  Jeff and Estevan  with a combined
    experience of over twelve years of massage practice 
    and a combined training of 700+ hours of massage 
    curriculum. We are both full time practitioners.

Credit card Payment:                                                   

              Couples Massage  Workshop #1     Payment 
              Basic Swedish Massage Technique   
              2 persons @ $150.00 per person = $300.00 per couple


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