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a lot of you late night owls have been calling and 
asking for  appointments..

if you know a day ahead that you can 
only make a late night appointment,   
call and we will try to accommodate 
you as much as possible......... 
if it is a last minute need for a massage appointment,  
here are our rates for appointments after 8:30 pm........ 

some evenings we will take late appointments.   
however late evening  (after 8:30 pm)  appointments 
will not always be available.  if we do not answer 
the telephone, no appointments are available that 
late appointments are available only when we are 
up for taking  them and not everyday.
fees for late evening sessions are not the same 
as day sessions......
the rates for late sessions after 8:30 pm  are 
listed below.     

we  do not do outcalls  
we only accept cash  payment in 
the studio for late appointments.
fees for late appointments 
(after 8:30 pm) are as follows.

two hand sessions:   (1 therapist) 
                                                                            includes:  Swedish
60 minutes     $120,   
                                                                             90 minutes     $175,    
                                                four hand session:
   (2 therapist) 
                                         (4 hands           (only when available)  
includes: Tandem
         45 minutes    $175   
                                                                              60 minutes    $220  

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