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          "Jihad": A twisted Islamic belief  that murder of innocent People in the
                                  name of God will  automatically get you into heaven. 

                          Eight-Point Plan
To Combat Islamic Terrorism

POINT ONE: Total energy independence for America  through an emergency crash program funded in the defense budget as a vital national security priority,  with a two year deadline to accomplish the task. Establish an alternative fuel or fuels as a replacement to oil as the primary fuel source. 

POINT TWO:  The destruction of all  nuclear reactors, plants, and laboratories  by the American military forces in Islamic Muslim countries that continue to support terrorism or attempt to develop weapons of mass destruction.

POINT THREE:  A ferocious retaliation,  including the use of neutron bombs, as well as any and all of the  weapon of mass destruction in the arsenal of the United States against any Muslim nations which have in any way aided or abetted terrorism against American citizens.

POINT FOUR:  An immediate end to all U.S. foreign aid, including the so-called loans of the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund to any country that does not fully support the United States and our allies in the world wide eradication of terrorism.

POINT FIVE:  An immediate indefinite temporary end to all foreign immigration into the United States, combined with the massive and complete expulsion of America's millions of illegal aliens and the stringent removal of its legal ones at the expiration of their work or residency visas.    All of the U.S. borders should be sealed.    Every foreign student from Islamic countries currently in the United States on a visa should be immediately scrutinized by the FBI and detained if deemed necessary.  Every foreign person from Islamic countries currently in the United States on a visa should be immediately scrutinized by the FBI and detained if deemed necessary. 

  An end to all diplomatic and military entanglements with the Muslim Islamic world after achieving total energy independence.  Give Israel and the Palestine Authority an ultimatum and a deadline to settle their disagreement and reach a lasting peace settlement or else this county will  cease all political and financial assistance to both.
POINT SEVEN:  Any United States citizen that advocates the support of the Islamic terrorist, or in any way aids or abets terrorists,  including financial support,  should be charged with treason and given the maximum punishment possible.

POINT EIGHT:  A general declaration to the world,  by the United States government,  that from this day forward Governments of countries that continue to support, train, finance, or in any way  aid or abet Terrorism  will be eliminated. 

 energy choices     speaking out     helping our country     support this site

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