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  PLEASE email or mail
    Senators, Congresspersons, Government Officials, and 
     the Media with your opinions and let them know it is 

now is the time
        for the 
      United States of America  
        to be
  Energy Independent !

     (totally self-sufficient)


America is addicted to oil !

We have the technical ability to be energy self-sufficient,  what we lack is the political motivation and the will to make this happen.   America is addicted to oil!  The Corporate Powers and Political Powers that control our energy policy must be convinced that developing energy self-sufficiency for the United States is in BEST INTEREST all of Americas,  including those corporations. If we do not or cannot produce enough oil to satisfy our energy needs, then we MUST get beyond OIL!  It is that simple.

If we break the addiction to foreign oil consumption and develop the energy resources that ALREADY exist in this country and are READILY available now, everyone in this country will be better off, and our future will be secure and our economic survival will be greatly enhanced.

If all of the money we spend on foreign oil, and all of the money we spend on the military machine that is necessary to protect that foreign oil, as well as all of the money we give in foreign aid to those moderate oil producing countries were spent in The United States of America, developing and producing other forms of energy 
our economy would BOOM like never before!!!

We would create thousands of good jobs,  we would keep all of the billions spent on foreign oil right here in our economy instead of making the Middle East rich, and ultimately 
the United States could be an Energy Exporting country.

We are in the Middle East for only one reason, everyone knows this, we are there for 
the oil and to protect the oil,  this is why they (the Islamic terrorists) hate this country. 

Please email or send mail to Government officials and the Media and tell them
                                          TO  BECOME TOTALLY
Our goal is to get the Media, the Corporate Powers,  and Government Officials to recognize that 

                Energy self-sufficiency
to the survival and security of the United States of America!

Do you remember the oil fields of Kuwait burning for 6 months after Saddam's terror attack? "Nothing" compared to what would happen in Saudi Arabia if Islamic terrorist were to bomb Saudi Arabian oil  production capabilities!

                            Please take the time to email or mail letters 
                                   to Government Officials and the Media and tell them

                    Energy Independence 
is absolutely VITAL to America!

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