Advertising Information

Web Masters, this page should give you enough information about advertising on web sites.
There are multiple sites under the  Domain Name  

Inkworkx art gallery
tocar therapeutic touch

Cazo e magazine

If you are interested in advertising with one or all of the websites, read this entire page carefully.

STEP 1: 
To begin the process, please send me your web site's URL via e-mail and let me know your intention of advertising on a web site. First and foremost, I will visit your site and ensure that it is a site that is appropriate for the ,  or site with suitable content .  Based upon  our site visit,  your site will either be "approved" or "disapprove" after reviewing the content of your site. This notification will come via e-mail.

If your site is rejected, you will be informed of the reason(s). 
At your discretion,  you can take steps to remedy the situation and try again.

If your site is approved,  you will need to submit your banner. At present, we are accepting TWO sizes of banners (the same price for either size):

(1) 468 x 60
(standard internet size...but slight variations on this size may be accepted). These banners will be located in the appropriate sections located at the bottom of each web page or located at our discretion. 

(2) 150 x 50
(again, slight variations on this size may be accepted). These smaller banners will be located in the  located at the bottom of each web page or located at our discretion. 

STEP 3: 
Upon receipt of your banner and any text you wish to display underneath, we will await payment. Your banner will not be posted until payment is received. The preferred payment method is via PayPal, but I will also accept money orders.

Choosing a Page to Advertise Your Banner(s) On:

There are four categories of pages upon which you can advertise your banners on: PRIMARY, SECONDARY, PERIPHERAL, and SPONSORSHIP. You may choose any combination of pages to adverstise upon, subject to approval.

The PRIMARY Pages are as follows:      All Opening Pages, including Warning Pages and Entry Pages from all Warning Pages.

The SECONDARY Pages are as follows:  Pages other than Opening pages that are a either an Image Gallery or contain Other Content that viewers must navigate to from links on a PRIMARY Pages.

The PERIPHERAL Pages are as follows: Pages that are links off of SECONDARY  Pages to Other Stuff (for sale or not) or for viewers information.

The SPONSORSHIP is as follows: ALL the pages in the PRIMARY, SECONDARY, and PERIPHERAL  pages of any one individual website
under the domain name.

Advertising Rates (per Banner per Page):
Page Category: Rates:
Primary Pages $30 per month
Secondary Pages $25 per month
Peripheral Pages $15 per month
Sponsorship $75 per month

One month is defined as a consecutive 30 day period.   All rates are in US dollars only. Additional General Terms and Conditions for advertising are applicable.   Please read them below!   You must accept all terms before your banner will be advertised.

Standard Advertising Terms and Conditions:

(1) All rates are in United States dollars.

(2) Unless otherwise agreed, all payments for all advertising purchased is due seven (7) days before the ad is scheduled to be published.

(3) When paying for a contracted advertising term in monthly payments, the advertiser remains committed for the entire period and is responsible for paying for the entire advertising term. If payment is not received by the date the ad is scheduled to be published, then the ad will not be run until payment is received. At which time as the late payment is received, the ad will be run for the duration of the advertising term.

The following are the General Terms & Conditions for Advertising:

(1) We reserves the right to refuse or cancel any advertising for any reason.

(2) In the event that a prepaid ad is canceled, a pro-rated refund for the remaining time will be issued. The applicable rate will be calculated based on the appropriate rate for the time of actual published advertising.

(3) We reserve the right to change the advertising policy and/or the pricing structure without notice. Prepaid advertising rates are secured throughout the prepaid term unless canceled.

(4) In consideration of publication of any ad, the advertiser and their agents shall indemnify, defend, and hold (and our designated agents) harmless from and against any loss or expense (including attorney's fees) arising out of that publication, including without limitations, any loss or expense resulting from a claim or suit for libel, invasion of privacy or copyright infringement, or any other claim based on the content or subject matter in the advertisement.

(5) The advertiser assures (and our designated agents) and his readers that the advertising is a fair and accurate description of the item or items advertised. (or our designated agents) makes no guarantees, real or implied, for the products that it advertises or for the performance of its advertising.

(6) Advertisers whose ads are not published will be notified by e-mail. (or our designated agents) are not liable for any costs or damages beyond the refunded price of the advertising if for any reason (or our designated agents) fails to publish an advertisement.

(7) Cancellations by the advertising party or refunds may not be made after the initial publishing date. Due to the nature of Web publishing, (or designated agents) may accommodate minor changes during publication of advertisement(s) at Inkworkx (or designated agents') discretion.

(8) No conditions other than those listed here shall be imposed on Inkworkx (or designated agents) unless specifically agreed to in writing.

(9) Notwithstanding any other statement or contract, verbally or in writing, (or designated agents') liability for any action or inaction shall be strictly limited to refunding the price actually paid for advertising.

(10) All orders must be accompanied by full payment in U.S. Funds. The following types of payment are accepted: credit card via PayPal, and money orders.